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September 6, 2012
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01. Space journey

The effects of interference are sometimes unbelievably bad.


"Close-up" the screen increased, showing a collection of stars, an elliptical galaxy in the far corner of the known universe.

"This is Hix galaxy" said a man standing near the screen. A group of people sitting on chairs behind him, dutifully looked in his direction, trying to see any of this "extraordinary things", as chief scientist of extraterrestrial research center was going to show them.

"I know that it was difficult to push up there with our satellites" the man smiled, though a bit nervously. "But this galaxy must be known once with farest of its elements. Recent data have discovered it."

At this point, he again made the approximation of the monitor, showing the star system located very close to the greatest communities of the stars.

"It is a small system with one young star and two planets" continued scientist. "This" he pointed to a planet closer to the stars "We should not pay attention to it. It is small and rocky, like our Mercury, but we have not yet learned what constitutes its surface. There is no moon. But this ..."

He moved again to approximate the second planet, far away from the previous one.

"You can see traces of the atmosphere above it, but also is built of an unknown material, so I do not think that we can build on it colonization base, such as Mars and Venus, and Thanab in the galaxy Thar-Lunar, at least not in the coming years."

"Note that the surface and the atmosphere of Venus has been very quickly adapted to life, Still" interrupted one of the men, improving on his chair. "Is the purpose of this meeting was to show us the two planets made of who knows what, not suitable for life, embedded in the most remote galaxy, almost unexplored, due to the fact that no one was able to reach it?"

"Very nice that Mr. Sanders wanted to share concerns" said Still with irony and wiped his forehead. "My research team made an interesting discovery. On this planet - we specify it as X - our probes have observed something like ..." looked at Sanders "...signs of life."
He looked around, checking the reaction for this statement. He smiled when he saw that the previous skepticism turned into a revival.

"Exceptional" said the man, who has so far sat quietly in a chair, intently watching the next approximations. "Is this absolutely proven?"

"But Mr. President, do not jump to conclusions ... " said the man, who had previously interrupted Still.

The president turned slowly in his direction.

"Do not see the importance of the discovery, Sanders?" He asked. "If there is life, then perhaps we can settle there. Or at least make contact. So far, we could not yet reveal any intelligent forms, and it would help a great deal" curled in a slight smile. "And don't say you don't believe in extraterrestrial life, because I saw that on an official computer your were watching the old series ... The X-Files and Star Trek!"

This remark completely extinguished Sanders, who nestled in the back seat and began to stare closely at the screen.

"Has it been proven?" President repeated the question, directing his eyes to the Still.

"Unfortunately not" replied the scientist, once again restoring the image of the galaxy. "Hix galaxy is very distant, and our newest satellites have not yet been tested in space, so we had to rely on data submitted by the older ones. In addition, it looked as if the satellite did not make full use of its facilities, if transmit messages on a subject at a greater distance from them. We would have to send a team of research, to investigate it further and bring informations to the base."

"And with who the team would be composed?" Sanders interrupted again. "Who will fly to the Hix galaxy, aware that he may encounter on this planet hostile creatures? Because I do not think you think that there will meet E.T. Or Chewbacca."

"So the crew would not know about the purpose of the mission. Of course, the commander of the expedition would know about it, but I see no need to wake up unrest among the crew before anything happens."

"Who do you suggest, Still?" Asked the president.

"We need someone with experience in command of the ship with a smaller crew, because we can send only small crew " said Still. "They can't be scientists, or even marines, if you want to remain calm. He'd better be commander who doesn't belong to the army. And it seems to me that I know someone like that ..."
This is something on which worked too many people. I guess the final result is proper but far from perfect...
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